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Roller Derby On Ice

Postby BigBanger » Tue Jul 03, 2012 10:52 pm

Ever wondered what roller derby on ice skates would look like? Well, it looks like this: ... r_embedded

It looks terrifying and of course I want to try it. I love their orange rental skates.
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Re: Roller Derby On Ice

Postby Rock 'em Ref 'em » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:50 pm

There was a big chat about this on the FB page. Gracie and Upzette liked the idea. I am terrified you will all end up bleeding from everywhere.

Michelle McQuaid McKay: you see how I abuse the concrete. Can you imagine what I'd do to ice??? ;)

Goodnight Gracie: on ice your ch*t slides!!! its fun!!! must find rink.. plus we could wear more equipment.. like neckguards and face masks.. ya kno keep blades away,,

Jenny Hansen: oh dear lord. This is why we practice hockey stops.

Goodnight Gracie: no srsly...this would be so much fun...and less hydration required! ok fine. same hydration. who cares...DERBY ON ICE! can we please?

Erin Marie: this is terrifying!! all i can think is getting your hands "rolled over". or skate rape. ... terrifying.

Jenny Hansen: aah! do you see the girl fall at :32 with her skate in the air--at boobie height?! aaah!

Michelle McQuaid McKay: OMG skate rape!!! That would be horrific!

Suzette Madej: YES!!!! I know where we can get ice!!!! The ice goes in at Vet's on Jackson rd after Labor Day! or we can get ice at the Cube! It's not cheep but it would be so much fun to try!

Courtney Dana: LOL i think upzette just had an orgasm!

Jenny Hansen: Upzette will murder you all in ice derby.

Suzette Madej :Nasty I sure did!

Goodnight Gracie: upzette i have 4-5 skaters from other leagues..who r totally too. with hockey like gear...but not as bulky..including gloves and pants to avoid skate rape..& face mask..we are totally in. only living once,,,i say we try could be a sh*t ton of fun..& possible future publicity thing...CMON !!!!!!

Sirene Rose: my mother once tripped over me iceskating when i was a kid. my blade cut open her wrist and she bled all over the ice. still has the scar. you will never see me do ice derby, but have fun y'all!

Amanda Zee: OH DEAR GOD!
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